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So often when I leave class I feel like this was the best yoga ever. It really does just keep getting better and better. I am stronger, more flexible, and my back and neck feel better than ever. And I love learning each time I’m there. Something amazing happens when intention and breath and movement come together. And it is fun! So glad I found Blyss Yoga. JD

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ROCKIN’ the CHAKRAS – April 19 – 2-4pm

An Ayurvedic Workshop designed to align your chakras with the medicine of the rock family. Learn the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical qualities of these gems in relation to your energy centers and how to use them in a yoga practice. $30

CHAKRA ASANA – Wednesday’s, April 8-29 – 6-7pm, $60

A four week class series designed to introduce you to Asana (poses) that align with each of your Chakra Energy Centers.

Earth Based Yoga brings you into harmony with your Atman, or higher self by acquiring knowledge of thyself, Atman Jnana! Young or old welcome! Blyss Yoga keeps the heart at the center of each practice to share in this age-old spiritual science.

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