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Blyss Studio cultivates the essence of Yoga! The Sacred Union of Body, Mind, and Spirit to tap into the unlimited potential of the life force, the movement of our breath, with respect for our Natural Environment. Blyss involves Movement, Sound, Breathwork, Relaxation, Meditation, Massage & Bodywork, and Art,  to nurture the individual.

We welcome Crystal Judge and her ‘Healing Circle’! Now offering Healing Touch. The New Moon Healing dates June 25th 5-7pm, July 27th 4-6pm, August  25th 5-7pm. Healing Touch is an energy therapy in which practitioners and students consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to promote relaxation and healing.

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Our Philosophy

Embodying the spiritual heart of yoga, bringing positive energy and motion to community, providing a space for beauty and poetry to be shared, and combining science and art, teaching the earth and the sky, to touch all living things at the heart center compassionately.

” As the lotus flower comes into bloom, it receives the touch of divine light.”


Jayne Cardell, CYT, Studio Owner

Originally from a rural community in Northern Ohio, Jayne has resided in the Cincinnati area since the early 90′s upon attending the University of Cincinnati.  Prior to receiving her 200 hour CYT credentials in January 2007 through YogahOMe studio, Cincinnati, she worked in the corporate world for many years.  She has been a yoga student since the mid 90′s and loves to share her passion for this art through her teachings at Holistic sites in the Cincinnati area since 2007 accumulating over 2000 hours of teaching/training. She has studied in advanced yoga and Ayurveda, natural birthing, and the shamanic healing arts, learning a variety of breathwork methods and trauma release techniques.

Linda Bennett
Linda Bennett Martin, CYT

Linda Bennett Martin became a 200 hour certified Yoga instructor after attending the Yoganjali Teacher Training program under the direction of Shashank Lahkia. For many years, Linda performed and taught contemporary dance here in Cincinnati and abroad.  In addition to yoga, Linda also teaches T’ai Chi Chuan which she studied in Montreal with Master Lee Shiu Pak who certified her to teach Lee Yang style. She has a particular interest in the anatomy and physiology of movement and their application to yoga.


Fran Keogh
Fran Keogh, RYT

Frances is a 200hr RYT Yoga & Laughter Yoga teacher and a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She has always loved to laugh and after discovering Laughter Yoga a few years ago was inspired to take the Leader Training certification program.  Her calling to develop workshops for women desiring to find (or rediscover) their authentic selves, led her to Hatha Yoga and Meditation. Fran has found these practices to be incredibly helpful in her own life and is really enjoying sharing and teaching others. She primarily teaches beginner, intermediate, and restorative yoga, incorporating meditation and breathing techniques. www.inbalance-fran.com.





Carrie Clark, CYT

Blyss Studio welcomed Carrie Clark, CYT, to join their cooperative in
August 2013. She has recently completed her 200 hour Earth Based Yoga
Certification through Blyss, February 2014. Carrie is embracing the
teachings of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga to beginners with a focus on
helping them create a practice that is easeful and mindful, while
incorporating strengthening in poses and in breathwork. She is
passionate about her community and giving back through the service of
Karma Yoga! Carrie is educating students about the importance of the
combination of nurture and nature, in coming to a better understanding
of a healthy and harmonious body, mind, and spirit.






Joy Lake 

Dream Workshop Facilitator, read more!



Below is the Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of Education and Knowledge, a Goddess
of the Arts.  She is a daughter to Durga Ma, and she is depicted here playing
the veena while sitting on a lotus flower.

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