Blyss Yoga

Blyss cultivates the essence of Yoga! The Sacred Union of Body, Mind, and Spirit to tap into the unlimited potential of the life force, the movement of our breath, with respect for our Natural Environment. Blyss involves Movement, Sound, Breathwork, Relaxation, Meditation, Energy work and Art,  to NURTURE the soul!


Embodying the spiritual heart of yoga, bringing positive energy and motion to community, providing a space for beauty and poetry to be shared, and combining science and art, teaching the earth and the sky, to touch all living things at the heart center compassionately.

” As the lotus flower comes into bloom, it receives the touch of divine light.”

Jayne Cardell, CYT

Beginning in 2007, I have and continue to teach and train in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Native Healing Traditions, accumulating over 5000 hours of work and study in group, private lesson, and self study.  I am certified to teach Yoga through YogahOMe’s 200 hour teacher training program.  I received my BBA from UC in 2006 and worked in Account Management for several years.  I also apprenticed through Gary Matthews for several years and learned the art of the Shamanic Healing and Breathwork tradition.  I help others by bringing balance into their lives, in whatever way is needed, whether it be of body, mind, or spirit.  This is part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle approach where the whole person is taken into account and working with the elements through yoga postures, breath, nutrition, gems, tone, or other, a harmonious lifestyle becomes clearer and attainable!  I enjoy facilitating private Yoga and Ayurveda lessons, Retreats, Drum Journeys, and Art classes.  I have also enjoyed being a Preceptor over the past two years to some amazing spirits!


Below is the Goddess Saraswati, GoddEss of Education and Knowledge, a Goddess
of the Arts.  She is a daughter to Durga Ma, and she is depicted here playing
the veena while sitting on a lotus flower.

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